Monday May 25,  2020  for most people is  Memorial Day 
for a select few it will start a count down to  Independence Day!

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The Market outlook is Very Good due to our House of Programs

A select few will obtain Independence from job and economic uncertainty, from being chained to a desk, or cubicle, stuck on the hamster wheel in an unrewarding job going nowhere, or stuck with no job at all. You will never need or want a job again if you are one of the select few.

   When was the last time you had a job, or for that matter even heard of one, that was more fun, more interesting, and more educational than it was work?

   One where you can genuinely help people and really Make A Difference in their lives for the better doing it?

 One where the work is divided into easy to manage chunks and spread among a team lead by true visionaries with impossible to match experience & resources who will allow you to gain an incredible education in the process that can ultimately lead to your own Financial Independence and secure retirement?

We make no promises, but over the years we have developed thousands of people that will swear that these types of roles do in fact exist. You can join them and follow in their well worn foot steps on the path to Financial Freedom if you are picked to be one of the select few ...

  ... Independence Day can be everyday for you!!!

You see we are Anchor Advisors & Associates, part of the Anchor Financial Network,  and the Anchor-Inspire Netork, we are an incubator for developing people and deals.

   Our Founding Fathers were bred from 10,000+ deals worth billions over more than 40 years before retiring prior to 9-11, (from the business, but not from doing deals) we were re-born with a Mission to Make A Difference and we're currently leading the way to Financial Freedom  and a secure retirement in today's post mortgage meltdown real estate market for our existing Clients and Associates and we're now making room for those Clients and Associates we haven't met yet for the first time in years.

Our Mission is to Make A Difference for people through our House of Programs.


Our Main Core Programs are:

  Our foundation is the Buy Me A House Program and it's cousin the Build Me A House Program along with the Buy My House Program  - Save My House Program and the Secure My Retirement Program which is the roof over our House of Programs.  

   We're not mortgage brokers, real estate agents, a loan modification company, or a foreclosure rescue firm, but to Make A Difference we do Fix Loans reducing mortgage payments & balances in the process, and we Buy, Sell, and Save property from major problems including foreclosure.   

   We do this for commercial and residential property nationwide regardless of credit or occupancy through our Proprietary Programs which we tailor to fit the circumstances and objectives of each individual Client.

   Investment commercial and cash flow properties are our specialty but we use the word House in the program description as it is easy to identify with, and since the mortgage meltdown has shaken the very foundation of the American Dream, a big part of which is a house we thought it would be fitting the Buy Me A House Program be our foundtation.

   We measure our success by how many lives we change for the better, not by how many loans we fix, or properties we buy, sell, or save, although the 2 numbers do end up being one and the same, which is why we have Clients that have been with us for 20, 30, and even 40 years and more, and we have several well worn paths that can be followed to accomplish everyone's ulitmate objectives;  Financial Independence and a Secure Retirement.

  The Buy Me A House Program is our foundtation and the Build Me A House Program uses that foundtation to Make A Difference in key markets in a number of ways.

   With millions of Sellers, Buyers and Property Owners who need to learn about these programs is there any wonder why we have more people to talk to than we have time to talk to them? (that has been a constant for years and the reason we had to stop accepting new Clients prior to 9-11)

   We are now prepared for our full roll out of the Platform to open our Programs to new Clients starting just as soon as we have a core group of Associates trained, and that's where you come in. We've put together the Programs, Platform, and important infrastructure, but need a new group of Associates to make it work to be able to accept new Clients, because our advisors and long time Associates are not taking on any new Clients or going back to day to day work after succesfully retiring. (from the business but not form doing deals)

    We have openings at all levels from upper management to eager trainee. We seek effective communicators, and good administrators, to help us communicate the dynamics of our programs to potential clients, and to guide Clients through our process. We have numerous staff opportunities for qualified candidate to become highly paid Associates and there is plenty of room to grow. 

   Our programs are unique, so direct previous experience is not possible. A good adminsitrative background in real estate or mortgages is helpful although any adminstrative, managment, sales, business, or marketing background in any field is OK our earn while yor learn training gives you all you need to succeed.

   Qualified candidates should be real estate aware and market conscious, any real estate or finance skills are a plus. Since training and education is available the most important qualities a candidate should have are: a genuine desire to help people, a willingness to learn, you must be be presentable, an effective communicator, goal oriented, and capable of work with minimal supervision. A professional appearance and demeanor, and good organizational and communication skills are essential.

   Transactions are facilitated by our Advisors who work strictly by appointment and referral only from our Associates, Clients, investors, agents, mortgage brokers, attorneys and other professionals known to us. We can't accommodate everyone so we're pretty choosy about who we accept. We have earned that right and owe it to our Clients.

   We offer the flexible ability to start Part time and work from home most, if not all of of the time. An entry level part time start can quickly lead to a full time 6 figure career as an Associate, Advisor, and/or to management with our Accelerated Development Program.

   Qualified candidates are supported by a dynamic and effective marketing plan, earn while you learn Basic Training, a generous compensation plan, flexible, relaxed, pleasant, and informal working conditions, effective management, the most unique suite of programs and value proposition in the industry with more than ample room to grow.

   At this stage in our redevelopment about the only mistake we can make is putting the wrong face out to our Clients, potential clients, and the public. Staff positions, like our programs are not for everyone, and not everyone will qualify. Qualified candidates go through a 3 Step Screening Process prior to preliminary selection. Candidates who make it through the screening process receive an individual Career Planning Interview in the final step of the screening and selection process.

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Your First Step is to apply

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